August is National Water Quality Month! While we enjoy the wonderful weather by rivers, lakes and oceans, it is important to consider how we can be Making A Difference® in the quality of our water.

There are many ways that you can make an impact on water quality. Some tactics start right at home! Water quality can be protected by limiting water use. Consider taking shorter showers and not over-watering your lawn. Conserving water limits the amount of water that we divert from our ecosystems. We should strive to achieve a healthy balance of water use!

Moreover, pollution is a huge problem with achieving a high level of water quality. You have plenty of ways to reduce your personal water pollution impact. Be cognizant of the items that you pour into the sink. Protect ground water by disposing of motor fluids and oil properly. Hence, we can reduce the amount of contamination to the aquatic ecosystem!

Unfortunately, poor drinking water quality can have negative health impacts, particularly in developing countries.  That is why organizations like and are working tirelessly to make clean water a daily reality for all!

It is our responsibility to keep our water clean and fresh, both for our health and the health of the ecosystems around us. Celebrate National Water Quality Month by keeping our water quality high.

Happy National Water Quality Month!